Carrying a Medical Certificate for Truckers

 What is a Medical Certificate?

Medical certificates are issued by a certified medical examiner that will evaluate a driver to detect physical, mental, or organic conditions that will affect the ability of the driver to operate safely

Who Needs a Medical Certificate?

Commercial motor vehicle operators are critical to maintaining highway safety and have a huge responsibility to their companies, themselves and the general public. A large part of their responsibility lies in their own health and well being.

Drivers that are either for hire or hauling private property in a CMV are required to obtain a medical certificate if they operate a CMV over 10,001 lbs GVWR or haul 7+ Passengers

Why are Medical Certificates Required?

Operating a CMV is not like driving a regular passenger vehicle. Blind spots, maneuverability, and stopping times/ distances are much greater challenges which require a driver of a CMV to be in good health and physical condition to remain operating safely, alert to sudden changes and able to make good decisions. The FMCSA describes the periodic qualification of the medical examination to be a “medical fitness for duty” evaluation. It is required to be renewed every 2 years or less for persons with certain restrictions

How to Obtain a Medical Certificate?

Call ahead to your local physician, urgent care or pharmacy, one of these places may be able to provide the medical examination to satisfy the FMCSA’s regulations. If they can’t provide the service a referral can probably be provided. A certified medical examiner should provide you with a copy of your certificate as well as provide one to your employer. You may also visit this guide from the FMCSA:

If you need help understanding this regulation as part of the driver qualification regulations please call American Carrier Services at 1-877-352-1996.