California Trucking Compliance Services

For trucking companies operating in California, adhering to Department of Transportation (DOT) and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations likely rank among your biggest headaches. If you’re searching for an efficient way to keep up with local laws and regulations, file required compliance papers and registration forms and ensure your drivers are documented and qualified, American Carrier Services can help.

We are full-service providers of trucking compliance assistance in California, offering everything you need to ensure you’re following the right procedures to manage risks, avoid fines and maximize productivity. From professional consultation services to ongoing monitoring and management, we’re fully-equipped to lock down compliance so you can concentrate on growing your business.

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Trucking Compliance Consultation Services in California

Whether you’re a trucking company owner or supervisor, ensuring that your fleet is running efficiently, as well as staying on top of industry trends is critical to remain productive and competitive. However, keeping up with ever-changing compliance standards, filling out and filing paperwork, ensuring that your fleet is following HOS requirements, making sure registrations are up to date and onboarding new hires can feel like a full-time job in and of itself. Let us help you with that.

American Carrier Services reduces the time, worry and expense of complicated trucking compliance management to help your company improve safety, run efficiently, and win the trust and satisfaction of your customers. When you partner with us for California trucking compliance, we create custom solutions based on your needs, and offer the following assistance:

  • DOT Consulting Services: The DOT requires trucking companies to conform to a variety of rules and standards to keep drivers and their cargo safe and reduce accidents and environmental incidents. Our trucking compliance consultations help identify the most economical and efficient solutions to ensure each truck and driver in your fleet is following regulations.
  • FMCSA Services: American Carrier Services offers filing assistance for documentation mandated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. From making sure you’re prepared for safety audits, compliance reviews and roadside inspections to filing MCS-90 forms to demonstrate the fiscal responsibility necessary to transport hazardous materials, we’re your resource for everything you require.
  • DOT Driver Qualification Management: The DOT has strict guidelines for documenting the qualifications and keeping detailed records of your drivers. Our trucking compliance consultation services include monitoring and managing the process of filling out forms and paperwork covering everything from driver registrations and work histories to medical exams, physicals, road tests and more.
  • ELD and eLog Compliance: with the new ELD mandate, as a fleet manager, you may find yourself having trouble ensuring that all of your ELogs are accurate. US Compliance & NexTraq® can help you keep track of your fleet, and prepare you in the case of an audit. If you’re new to the industry, our experienced consultants will get you up and running on the latest technology and informed on governing regulations to help you get the most out of the system.

Benefits of Trucking Compliance Consultation Services

Getting started as a new trucking company is tough; with so many moving parts, US Compliance aims to be your partner in getting your company set up from a legal standpoint to ensure that your company is running in compliance from day 1. We’ve helped countless trucking contractors and businesses adhere to DOT and FMCSA laws and stay up-to-date with compliance papers and registration forms. We stay abreast of changing standards designed to keep drivers, trucks and cargo safer on the roads. Additional benefits of choosing us for trucking compliance consultation in California include:

  • Reducing the time, resources and labor required to maintain compliance that you can devote to other areas of your business
  • Improved accuracy filling out, filing and renewing DOT forms to eliminate errors that have a negative impact on your bottom line
  • Honest and transparent process for the peace of mind that your trucking company or contracting business is in good hands

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