Connecticut Trucking Compliance Resources

When you run a trucking fleet, you have a lot on your plate. While compliance can seem simple at first glance, it requires that you keep track of paperwork across your trucks and drivers that can get complicated quickly. At American Carrier Services, we offer compliance consultations and services that make it easier for trucking leaders to maintain compliance in Connecticut and the United States. Let us handle your compliance documentation so you can focus on growing your business.

Our compliance experts will support you with the Department of Transportation (DOT) and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) compliance by giving you the resources you need to follow regulations. We’ll help you stay organized and maintain the correct information to make the process easy for years to come.

Reasons to Get Trucking Company Help in Connecticut From American Carrier Services

As a American Carrier Services client, you’ll be able to count on us as your partner in DOT and FMCSA compliance. The perks of working with us include:

  • Transparency: Throughout the compliance process, we’ll stay honest and transparent about the work we’ll perform for you. We’ll explain every step in the compliance process to you and give you regular updates on our progress.
  • Accuracy: As we help you create a compliance resource base, we’ll work with you to ensure you have accurate information on file. With the correct paperwork on hand, you’ll have an easier time completing your compliance documents in the future.
  • More time for business growth: You can leave the time and effort you normally spend on compliance to us. We’ll take care of the complicated details while you focus on managing your fleet.

ELD Services and Technology

With regulations beginning to require electronic logging devices (ELDs) over traditional paper logs, businesses like yours will need to adopt new technology to record hours of service. Thanks to our partnership with NexTraq, we can provide the technology and guidance you’ll need to make the switch. Find out more on the NexTraq partnership website.

ELD Services

DOT and FMCSA Compliance in Connecticut

You can count on us for DOT and FMCSA compliance solutions such as:

  • FMCSA and MCS-90 services: We’ll help you comply with FMCSA regulations and MCS-90 proof of insurance. The FMCSA performs a variety of audits on trucking businesses, including roadside inspections, safety reviews and compliance audits. Under FMCSA rules, many businesses need an MCS-90 that proves they have the insurance necessary for an accident. At American Carrier Services, we offer support for complying with all of these aspects of FMCSA regulations.
  • DOT compliance driver qualification management: Your driver qualification (DQ) file is a critical element of DOT compliance. The DQ file includes all of the documents needed to prove that a driver has eligibility to work, and you should have one for each team member. When you have to manage DQ files for multiple drivers, compliance can get complicated. We offer services that simplify the process.

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