The trucking industry takes time and effort to break into, especially considering the Department of Transportation (DOT) and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations you must follow. Filing the correct paperwork and remembering to renew it can turn into a source of stress for owners and supervisors. If you're looking for a better way to stay compliant and file all the correct forms, American Carrier Services can help take the burden off.

We provide full trucking compliance consultation in Georgia with a range of services that cover everything you need to avoid fines and maximize productivity. Our consultation services help us understand what you need most to operate effectively, then we offer ongoing monitoring and management to make sure you stay compliant for years to come. Don't wait to grow your business. Find the time today by utilizing our Georgia trucking compliance assistance services.

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Trucking Compliance Services and Solutions in Georgia

Your number one priority should be growing your fleet and your company while staying up-to-date on industry trends that could put you above the competition. When compliance takes up much of your time, it's difficult to get much else done. That's why we keep up with continually changing compliance standards and file your paperwork for you. DOT and FMCSA compliance should not turn into your full-time job. We can help with our trucking compliance consultation services in Georgia.

Our experts understand the trucking industry and the compliance needs that come with it. We can ensure accuracy and give you peace of mind before your next safety audit. When your records are all in order, you can run more efficiently and win the trust of both your customers and employees. We also understand that one size doesn't fit all and can create custom solutions for whatever you need most. Our services include:

  • DOT Consulting ServicesThe Department of Transportation application and registration process is extensive and often confusing. American Carrier Services can act as your one stop shop for all your DOT needs. We can help you file for a new DOT number, renew your MCS-150 and make sure your registration stickers get displayed on every truck correctly. You no longer have to worry about fines or delays from incorrect paperwork when you use our trucking compliance assistance services.
  • FMCSA Services: The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires trucking companies using trucks to carry hazardous materials file an MCS-90 to show you have the insurance you need if an accident is your fault. In addition to the MCS-90, companies must file a BOC-3 process agent and renew their MCS-150. At American Carrier Services, we file these documents for you and keep track of when you need to update them.
  • DOT Driver Qualification ManagementAnother critical area of compliance is DOT driver qualification. You must document every aspect of a driver's qualifications, including their applications, medical examinations, road test, physicals, drug and alcohol tests and more. To stay compliant, you also need to be able to show the documents at any time. We can handle all of this for you by monitoring and managing all the forms and paperwork.
  • ELD and ELOG Compliance: New technology means the ELD mandate is new for many fleet managers. Every ELOG needs to be accurate and organized to monitor your drivers' time and efficiency. Our Georgia trucking compliance assistance services with NexTraq® help you use ELOGs to keep track of your fleet. We make sure every file gets organized in case of an audit, and we can even help you get started with a new system.

Compliance Services Benefits

Whether you're starting a new trucking company or re-structuring one that has operated for decades, American Carrier Services wants to work as your partner. From day one, we make sure your company adheres to all compliance standards and DOT and FMCSA laws. While you run your business, we work on staying ahead of changing laws to help you succeed. When you choose us for trucking compliance consultation services in Georgia, you receive many benefits, including:

  • More Time: What would you do if you weren't constantly worrying about compliance? When you work with American Carrier Services, we help by filing forms you need and giving you valuable time to work on building your company and your fleet.
  • Improved Accuracy: Filling out forms incorrectly takes up more time and can lead to fines. We make sure every form gets filled out accurately and submitted on time. After getting you all set-up, we provide ongoing management services to let you know when your paperwork or registration will expire.
  • Greater Transparency: When you know you're staying compliant, it gives you greater peace of mind and more transparency. We make sure every file is organized correctly and can set you up with a system that makes it easier to find the records you need quickly.

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Look to American Carrier Services for trucking compliance consultation services in Georgia. Our wide range of services can help you with your DOT registration or with driver qualification management. Our team is full of experts with extensive knowledge of all trucking industry regulations and local laws. Our goal is to help you maximize your time and stay transparent with both customers and employees.

Start the journey to compliance today by working with American Carrier Services. We're here for new and established businesses who want to grow their companies while finding a way to stay compliant. Call us to learn more about our trucking compliance consultation services in Georgia or contact us online to get a free consultation today.

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