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Being a trucking company supervisor or operator involves plenty of multi-tasking. You have many responsibilities, such as ensuring driver safety, fulfilling customer requests and keeping up with vehicle maintenance. On top of the day-to-day basics, you also have to follow Department of Transportation (DOT) and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) guidelines. 

American Carrier Services keeps your business in check with all national and state requirements. We make your job easier by taking some of the weight off of your shoulders. You can spend more time on your business while we stay on top of guidelines and regulations.

What Does American Carrier Services Offer? 

We offer helpful services such as: 

  • DOT consulting: Our experts assist with all DOT certifications and registrations. We offer DOT trucking compliance assistance in Maine, ranging from inspections to filing for new DOT numbers. 
  • FMCSA compliance: If your business transports hazardous materials, you must comply with FMCSA regulations and complete the corresponding paperwork. We handle all aspects of FMCSA regulations. 
  • ELD services:  For electric logging device (ELD) compliance, we partnered with NexTraq®. This user-friendly GPS service that manages driver safety and encourages accountability. 

Our Available Resources

If you need additional resources for your business, we also provide:

Why Work With American Carrier Services?

There are many advantages to trucking consultants, including: 

  • Confidence: You can rest easy knowing our experts are managing your protocols with federal and state compliance in mind. We prevent violations that lead to fines and halt your business operations. 
  • Transparent process: We keep you notified of our approach and explain how we handle your business’ needs. Our services take the stress out of compliance while keeping you informed of exactly what we do. 
  • Helpful information: Our team has years of experience in trucking consulting. We can walk you through regulation changes and guidelines, educating you and others about industry standards. 

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American Carrier Services can help you manage your time and resources better. We keep you on task and prevent FMCSA and DOT violations. We speak with you and create an economical solution that fits your company. 

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