Michigan Trucking Compliance

When you run a trucking fleet, your job gives you plenty of obligations, including compliance with Department of Transportation (DOT) and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations. When you have to track compliance for multiple drivers and trucks, the compliance process can get complicated quickly. Every minute you spend trying to figure out how to comply with regulations ends up becoming a minute wasted on growing your business.

At American Carrier Services, we take the guesswork out of following regulations so trucking leaders like you can focus on other aspects of doing business. We’ll give you the resources you need to stay compliant and handle the complicated aspects of compliance. Leave the compliance process to us for peace of mind and higher efficiency.

ELD Services and Technology

Regulations will soon require trucking companies to switch from traditional paper logs to electronic logging devices (ELDs). Fortunately for you, ELDs can save you time and effort, and we can help you integrate ELD technology into your fleet. Our partnership with NexTraq will allow you to get the hardware, software and guidance you’ll need to become ELD-compliant. For more information, visit our partnership page on the NexTraq website.

ELD Services

DOT and FMCSA Compliance in Michigan

Two of our most popular services for trucking companies include:

  • FMCSA and MCS-90 compliance support: Let us help you follow FMCSA and MCS-90 regulations. To comply with FMCSA standards, you’ll have to go through safety reviews, roadside inspections and compliance audits that we can assist with. The FMCSA also requires many businesses to have an MCS-90 that confirms that they have the insurance required in an accident. As your compliance experts, we’ll help you meet FMCSA standards.
  • DOT driver qualification management: DOT requires trucking companies to manage a driver qualification (DQ) file for each of their drivers. This file includes all of the paperwork that demonstrates a driver’s eligibility to work. When you have to manage DQ files for multiple drivers, the process can get complicated quickly. We make DQ compliance simple through easy-to-understand resources and consultations.

Why Get Your Trucking Company Help in Michigan From American Carrier Services?

When you become one of our customers, you’ll count on us for advantages such as:

  • More time to focus on your company: We make the compliance process more efficient by helping you with its most complicated elements. Leave the details to us so you can work on building your business.
  • Honesty: As we assist you with your compliance, we’ll update you on every step of the process. We’ll provide frequent and clear communication to ensure you’ll get the results you want.
  • Accuracy: Our compliance experts will make sure you have completely accurate information on file to save you time in the future. With the correct documents on hand, you can refer back to your paperwork for future audits.

Get a Compliance Consultation From the Experts

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