As the owner of a New Jersey trucking company, you have easy access to the Interstate 95 corridor that passes through bustling metropolitan areas such as Philadelphia, New York City, Baltimore and Washington, D.C. You must also deal with strict regulations that increase the risk of costly compliance violations.

If you're like most trucking business owners, you're too busy running your day-to-day operations to keep up with the frequent changes in New Jersey's trucking rules. But being unaware of the laws isn't a valid excuse in the eyes of federal and state authorities. Even an unintentional violation could lead to substantial fines and penalties that can take a big bite out of your company's profits.

At American Carrier Services, our mission is to help trucking operations such as yours avoid Department of Transportation (DOT) and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) violations. We offer a wide range of state-specific consultation services that provide a cost-effective, hassle-free compliance solution. We'll work with you to identify and address any issues before they become expensive problems.

About Our New Jersey Trucking Compliance Filing Services

American Carrier Services can assist with all the crucial areas that impact New Jersey trucking compliance:

  • FMCSA services: We'll help you stay up to date on the numerous changes to FMCSA regulations. You and your drivers will have all the current documents for safety audits and roadside inspections.
  • DOT consulting: Our compliance services can ensure your drivers meet all New Jersey DOT safety regulations. We'll file all the paperwork on your behalf.
  • Electronic logging device (ELD) and eLog compliance: ELDs are now mandatory in the trucking industry, and numerous regulations cover their appropriate use. We'll help your business stay compliant with the ELD mandate.

What Are the Benefits of Partnering With American Carrier Services?

The advantages of choosing us to manage your New Jersey trucking compliance needs include:

  • Better use of your time: Dealing with compliance issues can consume hours of precious time. By removing the burden from your shoulders, we'll help you find more time to focus on what matters the most — running your business.
  • Less stress: Worrying about compliance violations can be stressful. Our services give you peace of mind knowing your company adheres to all federal and state trucking regulations.
  • Expert guidance: Our in-depth knowledge of New Jersey's trucking rules enables us to serve as a trusted business resource. You can count on us to provide all the information you need to make informed compliance decisions.
  • Customized solutions: Your compliance needs may be different from those of your competitors. We can tailor our services to meet any New Jersey trucking company's unique requirements.

Learn More About Our New Jersey Trucking Compliance Services

Discover how American Carrier Services can make trucking compliance an easy, hassle-free process and keep your trucks on the road. Contact us for more information about our compliance services and the benefits they'll provide for your business. We also recommend downloading our Driver Qualification File template, a helpful checklist for ensuring your drivers are meeting all the requirements.

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