Top Roadside Inspection Driver Violations for Truckers

Over 60,000 vehicles were pulled to the side of the road and inspected throughout North America last June. Of that number, almost 30% were put out of service!

That is almost triple what it was just a few years ago. Even worse, over a third of these could have been prevented with a simple Motor Vehicle Report check from the carrier.

In the United States, carriers are legally required to have up-to-date Motor Vehicle Reports on file for any and all drivers operating vehicles for their company. Many company owners aren’t aware of this, but that won’t stop them from getting violated and put out of service should a roadside inspection occur.

Again, over a third of drivers inspected were placed out of service for having licensing issues that prevented them from being able to legally operate a Commercial Motor Vehicle – something that could have been easily avoided had the owner taken the time to pull a Motor Vehicle Report ahead of time.

Fate favors the prepared. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of – well, you get the idea.

Make sure your drivers are up-to-date on their annual Motor Vehicle Report, and that any incident throughout the year is reported to you promptly. This will prevent any unforeseen issues with your carrier, due to unauthorized CMV operation.

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